Welcome to Evoker!

EVO_Screen_1_iPad_ENPlay Evoker, a mighty new fantasy collectible card game for iOS and Android!

As a Summoner you fight magical battles against an army of enemies, powerful bosses and other players.

• Hone your Summoner skills, step by step in solo quests
• Level your character, playing through ever new quests
• Decide for yourself which skills you want to boost
• Collect creatures from the elves, orcs and dwarves, and reinforce them, using dragons, elementals, and demons
• Grow your creatures’ combat strength through battle experience
• Make your creatures even more powerful through clever combinations
• Challenge other players and rob them of their treasure

Choose your creatures and spells carefully – the duels demand that you be wily and clever. Only he who really commands his deck of creatures can bring his full force to bear.

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